We are bridging the gap between data science and finance by translating analytical skills of talented people into trading  profits.

Our Story

Auquan is started with the aim of making algorithmic trading accessible to everyone. We work at the intersection of data science and finance; harnessing expertise of data scientists to develop superior trading strategies. As such, we’re democratizing algorithmic trading technology to enable any engineer to design a strategy.

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Meet the Team


Optiver | UIUC | Deutsche Bank | IIT Kanpur


Gusto | Microsoft | UC San Diego

Tech Advisor

UrbanClap | Pocket Gems | Microsoft | UC Berkeley

Meet the QuantQuest Winners

Nishant Rai

Software Engineer at Rubrik, Inc.

IIT Kanpur, QuantQuest Rank 1

Hardik Malhotra

Software Engineer at Amazon

BITS Pilani, QuantQuest Rank 2

Keshav Sehgal

Data Scientist @WalmartLabs India

IIM Calcutta, IIT Kgp, QuantQuest Rank 3

Ankit Sinha

Analyst, Goldman Sachs

IIMA, IIT Delhi, QuantQuest Rank 4

Abhinav Baid

Software Engineer, Bloomberg LP

BITS Pilani, QuantQuest Rank 5

Aayush Goel

Data Scientist, FarmGuide

IIT Delhi