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We aim to inspire talented people to apply their knowledge to the world of algorithmic trading

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Our Story

As financial markets become increasingly complex, the demand for quantitative analysts/traders has grown steadily. Due to the challenging nature of the work – a blend of mathematics, finance and computer skills – quants are in great demand and able to command very high salaries, but access to these opportunities is available only to a few.

Auquan is started by a team of IITians with the aim of creating the next generation of quants by making algorithmic trading skills accessible to everyone. We believe that extremely talented people equipped with right knowledge, skills and attitude can design highly successful  quantitative strategies. And we’re doing just that, democratizing algorithmic trading technology to enable any engineer to design a strategy.

We want to engage skilled data scientists, physicists, engineers, developers, college students – anyone – to apply the modeling techniques used in their fields to write investment algorithms. We will do this by conducting a series of educational online and offline talks and tutorials on trading strategies, machine learning, and quantitative finance, and enabling our attendees to apply these skills to real world financial datasets.

We are a small, bootstrapped team so if you believe in our vision we’d love your help and support, please contact us at!